You are just too cute for words.
You laugh
You smile
You melt my little heart.

You are becoming quite the chubber in the facial area, neck rolls and all, but those legs are still toothpicks.

You are more relaxed and happy than ever.

You might love your daddy, more than you love me (if he had boobs, this would be a definite yes) but since he doesn’t we probably tie.

You are still a good little sleeper, I feel terrible for skipping that parental rite of passage because I haven’t had insomnia since those early weeks.

You are starting to like to cuddle a bit more.

And you love it when I read to you, you seem genuinely interested in books. You stare at those pictures with much thought.

I fight you everyday to make sure you don’t become an official thumb sucker. You still love your pacifier, but seeing how you can’t always find it to put in your mouth, the thumb keeps creeping in…

You love your room the most, and I love this because I made it just for you…

That last pic isn’t great, but he just looks like such a big boy sitting up all straight. And in his baby legs. So cute!

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