Man alive, do I love me some summer. I really do appreciate fall, and Christmas and the traditions, and the hot cocoa…. but none of it compares to summer. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in TX and it’s summer half the year there or what, but the day it finally looks like summer in NJ, I am just as happy as can be.

I know that I am someone whose dramatically affected by sun light, if God ever sends us to Alaska, I’ll know I did something bad He’s trying to teach me something, because I will not love it there. It’s so obvious how I literally get 10X’s the amount of stuff done on a sunny bright day, then a dreary one. I wake up and make the bed right away, and start the laundry and work out and start baking…. and I love it. And I want to be like that when it’s grey out, but it’s just not in me.

Needless to ramble more, I love summer. I love backyard barbeques, long days, flowers, and parks, and sunscreen, camping, summer clothes, and hats. I LOVE grilling out, and I LOVE lemonade. I absolutely LOVE cherries (only in season in the summer), and I love summer desserts, I love stopping for ice cream impromtu, and I can’t wait to teach Keaton the ways of summer too.

He’s had his first tastes of summer, and so far he loves them all too.