This little face, I’m just so in love with it. With it’s little teeth, and wide eyes. I know Keaton will be many things as he grows up, but I hope I can remember him like this forever. Especially when he’s throwing a “terrible two” tantrum. 🙂

One of our good friends just had a baby, and as I was looking at their birth pics, it took me back to my own experience, and I just relished in how blessed we are that after all the chaos of Keaton’s arrival, Keaton is perfect. Willful and ready to sin, yes 🙂 but perfect. How crazy the process of pregnancy and birth is, and how even after you’ve done it and experienced it, it’s very hard to wrap your mind around it and remember it again, so this month I’m feeling thankful.

Enough about me, on to Keaton.

-As described above, your little personality is breaking through. Not the sweet, cuddly side of you. The “I can do it my way” and I’ll fuss if I don’t get it too. A new season to say the least.

-Jake and I joke that you could be in baby competitions for eating. You put the food down, everything and anything you’re not allergic too, and you are still a lanky little thing.

– You LOVE feeding yourself, you think you’re a stud.

– You have discovered an array of noises you can make with your mouth.

– You are very verbal, occasionally I catch you in gibberish that sounds much older than 8 months.

– You say Hi, all the time now. And sometimes we get a wave in there too.

– Despite what I was thinking last month, you are not crawling like crazy yet, and I’m SOO glad, because I can still leave you in your room. You can get around, you roll around to the toys you want, and kind of scootch and flip about, but you’re not so mobile that I have to be on you.

– You have been waking up at like 6am, nursing and going right back to sleep til 7:30-8 consistently, can we say REFRESHED MAMA!!!

– But you are down to 2 naps a day. 🙁

– You love the cats, and say a word that sounds like “titi” when they come close. I have yet to determine if it’s coicindence or if you’ve named them that.

-You scrunch your face and nose up when you do your “performance smile” for other people.

– You whine….man alive, this drives me nuts and I must ask God for more patience concerning it. But you have full on discovered whining, you mostly do it when you want to stand (WHICH IS ALL THE TIME). Which is not fun for mama, cause while you can stand alone on something, I have to be close by. You also whine when I’m not feeding you fast enough— I know I’m just seeing the first days of this one. :O

-But more than anything you love your mama, and squeal with delight like you’ve won the lottery when you see me for the first time in a few minutes, and it makes all the whining seem like nothin’.