-You have a lot of personality, I feel like everywhere we go people are always saying how funny you are.

-You are very verbal, your gibberish actually sounds like talking and you have alot of funny noises.

-One particular noise is a growling noise, while at kids camp last month the kids discovered it, and got you to do it constantly, it’s now your “go to” funny, I can get a reaction noise.

-You shake your head no all the time, a lot of times you do it when someone says no, but sometimes just cause you think you’re cute.

-You wave hi and bye appropriately all the time.

– You say hi and you’ve said “bye bye” a few times, so precious!

-You are crawling. At first it was leap frog crawl, now it’s sometimes bear crawl (legs straight, hands propelling you), regular crawl or a mix of all 3. It’s actually still not your favorite thing to do, so that means for now I can still happily carry you without protest!

-You can be quite cautious or serious at times. Sometimes mister friendly to everyone in site, and sometimes people get the who are you stares instead.

– You are still sleeping great 10-12 hours straight.

-You have 5 teeth and your top ones are big, it looks funny on you.

-You still consume vast amounts of food, equal in size to toddler portions (in my opinion).

– We’ve discovered one thing you don’t like– watermelon, you want no part in it, except to mush it around your high chair top.

-You are really starting to let other people hold you without complaint, however if it’s a total stranger, (someone you’ve never seen before) crying ensues.

– Because of Kid’s Camp (we went for 4 days overnight) and July 4th, etc. you have stayed up past 10pm on numerous occasions. You were a champ! But also ready to be back to your schedule and asleep by 8 as soon as possible.

– When we call daddy on the phone while he’s working, you always start to whisper “dada” over and over, but you never talk loud enough for him to actually hear. It’s funny. You love him though.

-To sum this thing up, one thing that hasn’t changed… You’re still a mama’s boy and I love it!

My boy at 9 months. Where has the time gone?

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